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. the program was designed in the wake of 9/11 to help coordinate communication between state, local and federal law enforcement agency. here is how the homeland security chief talked about it earlier this year about the 77 centers around the country. >> it's the heart of our prevention strategy. how do we prevent a successful terrorist attack in the united states, looking at threats from abroad and threats from within. >> reporter: but the reality is according to the investigation, reports were often generated by violating civil liberties and misusing taxpayer funds by buying big screen tvs to monitor the channels. here is part of homeland's security's response. the committee report is out of date, inaccurate and misleading. in preparing the report the committee refused to review relevant data including relevant information pertinent to their findings. senator susan collins is concerned and said in a statement as responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars the dhs must insure that the dollars are spent in ways that enhance our security. the report says they often produced reports that were irrelev
the water reaching this pier out on the beach. local authorities went door-to-door yesterday telling residents to get out. they say most of the residents did heed the warning as they have up and down the new jersey coast. this entire state is being threatened now. the governor made a very clear plea to anyone in low-lying areas, don't be stupid and get out for this reason. you see water now already coming up on the shore here. we saw it last night reaching, reaching the boardwalk. current is pretty strong and the winds gusting now to near 30 miles an hour. they're expecting the surge to be eight to 12 feet along the jersey shore which obviously would be well over our heads here. so we do have higher ground to retreat to. in the meantime we've seen some streets in point pleasant already underwater. we've seen at least one power line down already. the concern is as wind and rain comes in and heavy leaves on the trees, the trees come down, they bring undo power lines. people across the state could be without power for a week or more. all the public transit has been closed. hundreds of s
fires backs sound like you're trying to put answers to questions. that's where it ended. the local michigan station pulled that part of the interview off the website. they said the time was up and everyone making big deal out of nothing. congressman ryan's team statement they issued. reporter was well over allotted time interview when he started to ask a weird question related to gun violence with tax cuts. ryan responded anyone would with a strange situation, when you do 200 interviews in couple months eventually you will see a local reporter embarass himself. that from the ryan campaign. that is the back and forth. hope you're able to follow all that. be sure to follow us on thursday night for the first and only vice presidential debate between vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan. coverage and analysis gets started at 8:55 eastern time. bill: i like your idea. do reenactment. give me the reporter. i'll be ryan. new survey of small businesses showing business owners are pessimistic about the near future. the future. the drop openings are dropping. charles payne with
in the polls. some voters hit the local bars. their we action a bit split. watch. >> you have got four more years of obama or 8 years of romney. you can do four years fast. eight years is a long time. >> this is the first time they have seen them side by side and they are learning a lot here. i think romney exposed a lot of obama's weaknesses. and deficiencies. so i would give the slight edge to romney. martha: wisdom come be from those gentlemen. some in the crowd did not care what either candidate had to say. one man said he already made up his mind and he voted early. that changes the die ma'am nick a lot of these cases as well. coming up, is it a new day for mitt romney? that is the big question. he did well last night but will it change the game at all? is the president not you one who needs to play catchup? most people think he will. we'll get some reaction from both campaigns how their respective candidates performed last night. that coming up a couple minutes away. bill: remember fox news? where else would you be. the next big debate is one week from today. joe biden and paul ryan s
like to refer them as, which can forge water and help residents, help local law enforcement and help local oems. not only in hoboken but along the jersey coast. bill: are you from new jersey. >> new jersey born and raised. bill: which town. >> i live in burlington county, have you been able to get out and see what happened to your shoreline? >> i have been out and about. bill: what have you seen? >> i've seen the same devastation that you've seen. bill: how has it hit you? >> listen, this is very emotional but in times like this, new jersey residents are resilient. as emotional as this is right now we know the sun will come out by week's end and we will start to rebuild. the shoreline may not be the shoreline i knew growing up and playing in the sand. i can tell you what my children and children's children will have a jersey shore to play in. bill: thank you, general james grant. doing great work. keep it up. >> thank you so much. bill: if we can get the word out for you, what do you need or what do you want people to know? >> i want them to know that new jersey's here. new jersey, c
on the ground there. >> i happen to be at an afghan local police outpost at the edge of country with u.s. operatives who are here to train, mentor and partner with them. standing next to me is a special operations chief who yesterday in an engagement with the alp taken the fight to the enemy was shot by one of the even knee, not the nlp. this was not a green on blue. show him what i have in your hand. >> this was the armor plate i was playing at the time. one ground, lucky shot. the fact of the matter is that the alp were the first individuals to quickly respond and put round down range in order to affect movement for myself. >> what these guys have done, bill is greg and his teammate and others have been out here training 16,000 afghan local police. the program has not been stopped. we were all over with them literally to the edge of injin country today. this is a program that is working thanks in large part thanks to people like the chief standing right next to me who wanted to say hi to folks at home. >> i wanted to say, hi, gosha, high dylan,. >> this is an outfit that is take a fi
remark delivered yesterday to the local fox affiliate in denver upon mr. romney's arrival. >> they want to know, will i get jobs for the american people and get rising incomes. and i'm a president for 100% of the american people. that's the real percent people care about. not 99 versus 1. not 47% versus anyone else. i will be for 100% of the people. >> reporter: but he's not walk away from the accusation that the obama agenda amounts to a dependency society. bill: one corner this guy, the other corner that guy. you have got 50 million viewers at a minimum ready to watch it tomorrow night. thank you, carl. carl cameron live. martha: new developments in the kidnapping of an american journalist in syria. austin tice was captured by islamic militants in august. his kidnappers have released a video. what have we learned? >> reporter: the big question is who actually has austin tice. originally the reports were the syrian regime had captured him as they have detained journalists in the past. but this latest video appears to show him being held by some type of islamic militants. their dress sh
on a motorcycle shot the man outside of his home in the capital of sanaa. local authorities say the killing bears hallmarks of al qaeda. there have been a wave of assassinating government officials in yemen following a crackdown on security. bill: over who knew what and when in the benghazi matter after failing to set a straight answer from a state department official. one republican congressman during this hearing asking the top security official in libya at the time, this very pointed question. >> given the information that you saw on tv, and your knowledge of the situation in libya, did you come to a conclusion as to whether this was a terrorist act or whether it was based on some film that was on the internet, loot colonel wood? >> it instantly recognizeable to me as a terrorist attack. >> instantly recognizeable? >> yes, sir. >> and why is that? >> mainly because of my prior knowledge there, i almost expected the attack to come. bill: based on that answer, rather foreshadowing. kt mcfarland worked in both the reagan and nixon administrations. she is our national security analyst. good mornin
is pretty well known locally that there are sharks and we have shark sightings up and down the santa barbara coastline. pretty frequently. bill: you heard him mention santa barbara. no word on the type of shark that killed the victim, francisco javier solorio. deadly shark attacks are rare. martha: republicans are seizing on what was arguably the most memorable, for president obama at the debate on monday night. >> you mentioned the navy, for example. we have fewer chips than we did in 1916. well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets because the nature of our military has changed. we have these things called aircraft carriers were planes went on them. we have bishops to go underwater, nuclear submarines. martha: that is quite a moment, and it did get some laughs from the audience in florida. former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld says the u.s. military is no joking matter. here he is with us on our show yesterday. >> the fact that the navy is shrinking is an important and serious subject that merited a thoughtful, serious, and important discussion. all it thought was a dismi
republican plot. local sheriff says it appears what happened was limited and not widespread. virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli would comment on any possible evidence. he did tell us he would prosecute voter fraud no matter where it is? >> i wouldn't say there is any particular pattern that we've observed around the commonwealth. this is a continual problem. human nature is what it is and people are going to break the law and cheat. and that tends to not know any sorts of boundaries left, right, up, down. and we're going to go after it wherever it exists. >> reporter: the state gop party fired small immediately, martha. martha: turns out, eric, one of those democratic politicians calling for the federal probe suffer an embarrassing political set back of his own, right? >> reporter: the embarassment for democratic congressman james moran. his son patrick. patrick resigned from the father's campaign after being caught on tape apparently advising how to commit voter fraud. he was secretly recorded by conservative activist james o'keefe's group, project vary taos. he eventually give
of post landfall damage assessment. there are currently over 5500 residents in state and local shelters, as of our latest count. we are working to set up shelters as we learn of new needs in addition to the five existing state-supported shelters. two at rutgers, one at mommoth and one at the arena in new jersey. we are opening a sixth settle her at the rout rutgers athletic center. we are working with the salvation army and the american red cross to bring in mobile kitchens to serve thousands of meals. box lunches are being delivered to state shelters today, we are also using fema food and water resources. the national guard is has deployed at the state settle her facilities if needed. there are a vast number of new jersey citizens without power in fact we currently have 2.4 million new jersey households without power. this is just so you understand the order of magnitude here, this is twice the number of impacted households as hurricane irene. hurricane irene was 1.2 million, impacted house hodes. this is 2.4 million impacted households. 1.2million of the 2.4 million from pfeag, 935,00
is working with state and local health departments to contact patients who may have received injections at the facilities who received the recalled lots of this medication to inform them that they may have been exposed, to find out if they're having symptoms and to instruct them to seek health care should they be ill. >> i've been safely giving epidural steroid injections for 22 years and have never seen this or heard of anything like this. martha: so the pharmacy involved is in new england compounding center of framing ham, mass. health providers being told not to use any of their products until all this gets sorted out we'll have more on the very frightening story. dr. siegel will talk about that. bill: we talked about jobs. there is another jobs report comes out before america votes. friday before election day, right around november 2nd. jam-packed show you know that. new fallout from the deadly attack in libya. governor romney doubling down on his dritt system over how the administration handled security and handled the aftermath of that assault. we'll tell you what that is about. m
in the weekend leading up to the election. >> there needed to be a window so local boards could account where the ballots were, make sure the voting rules were synchronized so when the poll books went out to polls on tuesday on election day that nobody could vote twice. that we knew who already voted and rolls had integrity. >> reporter: now democrats filed suit saying restrictions reduce the opportunity to vote for considerable segment of voting population. for instance, churches, that inintended on buses voters to the early voting locations. court agreed in essence polling locations should be able to handle the work load there was no argument justifying restrictions. >> collapsing the early voting schedule and eliminating weekend hours for voting you're disenfranchising a entire group of individuals, hose individuals who work during the day. those individuals who have kids that they have to pick up and take to school. those individuals who don't have access to transportation. >> reporter: now we're waiting to see if this continues as a messy lawsuit that takes us into final days before the
is the latest on the search right now? what can we report on that? >> well, fbi, local and state authorities are continuing their search. they've searched from the air, on the ground. they are doing a grid search where they walk-through the neighborhoods, they are leaving no stone unturned and they are interviewing and reinterviewing neighbors in the area as well, but still very little to go on. a lot of leads, though, coming into that tip line, some 1600 in fact, bill. bill: our best to the community and certainly that family. thank you. martha: back to this story of felix baumgartner. what a fascination with this today. they don't call him fearless for nothing. his drop from, oh, about 24 miles, look at the curvature of the earth in the distance. start to finish millions of americans watched this live and hear what was going through his mind while it was happening >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and he
on the ground, and certainly as your commentator provided earlier there is an issue there with the local government and it's sovereignty. we will have to take them into consideration in doing this. but make no mistake about it, this is a major issue for the united states. our ambassador was killed, our embassy and our consulate and annex were burned to the ground and destroyed. our people had to dessert that area and we have ever right to respond to that kind of a threat. bill: in the bigger picture you believe that the u.s. and this administration has withdrawn from the war on terror, whatever phrase you want to use in that part of the world and that has left us vulnerable. the other big point you make is whether it's hillary clinton or others they know this is a main-stream issue now and a main-stream story that will not disappear, is that right, general? >> that's absolutely right. the real major strategic issue here is the failure of our foreign policy in the middle east, the so-called pivot of the asian pacific. we are disengaging from the middle east. we don't state that but that's
the training camps. they set up shop. then they start recruiting locally. once they have recruited then they go operational. that is the stage that al qaeda in libya was this summer. there was a report, in fact a defense department report prepared by the library of congress saying al qaeda in libya had reached those first two stages. they had organized, they had recruited and they were getting ready to go operational. in other words to have a big splash attack. al qaeda, these affiliates don't call themselves al qaeda until they go operational. that is stage we were in libya in august. so to not have any preparation or additional security in, on the anniversary of september 11th when they knew there was an al qaeda cell ready to go operational is a real problem. bill: all right. so you fill in libya on the map now. you could make an argument that tunisia should be on this map. >> you could. bill: and egypt as well. >> yeah. bill: and sudan. >> yeah. bill: and the list continues to grow. >> yeah. bill: what is your thinking as to why? you used to work in the white house. why do you drop the line
resigned from office. he allegedly told a codefendant a local city councilman, we need to use a black limo and buy a couple cases of cheap vodka and whiskey to get people to vote. >> i guess i always knew all along it was wrong but first i didn't think it was that big of a deal. i always heard that is what everybody did. >> reporter: he faces five years of prison. resigned after the deadline to be on the ballot. authorities say if he wins he will not take office, martha. martha: eric, how did authorities discover it was going on? >> reporter: someone offered his opponent absentee ballots which is crime so she called authorities. turns out she lost the race by only eight votes. prosecutors say hallum and his father destroyed absentee ballots voted for her so they wouldn't count. >> if you see something that is, is not right in our voting system, and it's messing with our democracy, you've got to step up and do something about it. because that is your most basic right, is your vote. >> reporter: she says when she votes she thinks of her father who served in world two war two and her uncle wh
was that their citizenship was under scrutiny by their local elections office and that if they voted without clarifying this up, well, they could be facing a felony and jail time. but, in fact, everyone who received these letters is, in fact, a u.s. citizen, almost all of them registered republicans, people like john born in west virginia, now lives in napless, florida, helping to run a construction company. the letter he and others received sure looks real, as official looking letter head, the right supervisor of elections name at the bottom and is a genuine attempt at suppressing republican voter turnout. >> my concern is that, again, the absentee ballot folks, maybe some elderly folks in florida that aren't as mobile, can't get to the election office, and they just may be on the fence whether they want to vote or not anyway in the election just decide, you know what? i'm not going to mess with it. i'm not going to risk it. >> reporter: compounding the problem and really underlying and exemplifying the cleverness of this ruse is over the past four or five months in the florida the state's had a highl
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)